The VIP Family Philosophy is quite simple.

We want you to be FREE.


We believe freedom comes through choices.

Choices come through passive, leveraged, and residual income.

Passive, leveraged, and residual, income comes through sales volume.

Sales volume comes through creation of a large number of distribution points.


Who is the largest distributor of beverages in the world?

They sell 1.7 BILLION servings each and every DAY. source Business Insider 6/11

That’s 19,675 serving every second.

It’s Coca Cola.

How? It’s distribution points…coke

Coca Cola owns 2.8 million vending machines and countless other people own still more vending machines selling Coke products as well. Every gas station, convenience store, grocery store, super center in every crowded city and remote corner of the world sells a coke product in some form or another.


Now, who is the largest retailer of toys in the world?

They distribute more toys than Hasbro or Mattel.

They distribute over 1.5 BILLION toys annually. Source New York Times 8/16/01

That’s 46 toys every second of every day.

It’s McDonald’s – I know you didn’t see that coming.

How? Happy meals are sold in 1 out of every 5 transactions in over 33,000 locations around the world.

Oh by the way, what brand of soft drinks do they sell in McDonald’s. Yup Coca Cola.


What does that have to do with my LegalShield business?


You could go out and sell soft drinks but no matter how great you were, you simply could not sell 19,675 servings per second by yourself — and Coke couldn’t do it in one location either. You could go out and sell toys via meals marketed to children but no matter how great you were, you couldn’t sell 46 every second — and neither could McDonald’s at 1 location.


You have to think of your business within LegalShield as a franchiser does, always looking for new franchisees to create new distribution points. No matter how good you are at selling legal and identity theft plans, a large team will always be able to do more than an individual and a large team can sustain that volume indefinitely. Furthermore, what would happen if Coke or Mickey D’s had only one location and it burned down or got wiped out in a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake? That would be devastating but with thousands of distribution points or more, losing one is easily manageable and hardly felt. If you were your only distribution point and you got sick or hurt or life threw something at you that consumed your time, what would happen to your income? Now, if you were personally responsible for only a small fraction of your income because you built a large active team, what would happen? Simple, you would have the ability to concentrate on what you needed to do and then slide right back into your business without missing a beat when you were ready.


Our VIP family does not sell legal or Identity theft plans. We hire, staff, train, and motivate people to hire, staff, train, and motivate people. Always remember that your freedom only comes from helping others secure their freedom.


Follow this philosophy, internalize it and make it your own like it is the key to saving your life and countless others with whom you will directly and indirectly contact and you will live out your dreams.


Most people tell their spouse, children, friends, family (and worst of all themselves) that they will go on that dream vacation, or buy that dream car, or take care of that person or those people, or fund this or that mission “someday”.


Our wish for you is that most people’s “someday” will become your everyday.

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